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Prima Automotive, is one of the most important European manufacturers of components for the automotive and industrial vehicles market designing, developing and distributing all over the World plastic injection molded items for manufacturers of mass transportation vehicles, industrial and agricultural machinery, manufacturers of dashboards, cabins and air conditioning systems reaching to high valuated supplies for Super car producers at whom we supply exclusive designed items.
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Baltic countries - Interview with Widni Baltic
Crossing the Baltic countries is like an accelerated journey through time, because in 30 years everything has been...
PRIMA Industries in "Total White"
PRIMA Industries also offer “total white” light diffusers and air vent options, perfectly suited to luminous, welcoming...
P247 Version with cover
The P247 has been a byword for emergency handles for a long time. The range is now extended with a covered version...
P62 Restyling
The longstanding P62 has been updated to improve its durability even in off-road vehicle applications. It is now...
Collaboration with the BUS Community
PRIMA Industries have always found it motivating to dialogue and interact directly with the diverse industrial sectors...
Getting to know PRIMA better
Talking to numerous PRIMA Industries customers, we realized that some of them only have a partial knowledge of our...